A traditional, cultural & unique place.

Stoupa is a coastal village of the Messinian Mani, in the prefecture of Messinia, in Peloponnese, that charms visitors all year round. It is the most developed – in terms of tourism – village, not only in the prefecture of Lefktro, but also in the whole prefecture of Messinia. At the east part of the village is displayed the castle, which used to be the citadel of the old city of Lefktro. According to Pausanias, in this castle was situated the temple of Athena and her statue.

In the summer, the sea and the clean coast are a challenge for sea lovers. The village has two sand beaches. The first one is situated inside the village and is known as “Stoupa beach” and the other is the renowned beach of Kalogria. In a close distance you will also find a picturesque beach with rocks, named “Chalikoura”, with traditional taverns next to the sea.

In terms of touristic services, you will find all you need in Stoupa. Good quality food, cafeterias, bars for your entertainment and most importantly people willing to serve your needs. Beside the beautiful beaches, it is worth seeing the breathtaking sunsets from any part of the village.

The area has preserved its traditional air, with numerous stone tower-houses, which is the main characteristic of the area of Mani. If you love trekking, close to Stoupa there are many paths to follow through mountains and canyons where you can discover the wild landscapes and the hidden little byzantine churches.
Having Stoupa as a starting point, the visitors have the opportunity to tour in a very charming area of southern Greece, Mani. So, you can see the traditional coastal villages of Kardamili (7.5km/7min by car) and Agios Nikolaos (3.5km/5min by car).

For a longer (day) trip, you can start a tour from the inner parts of Messinian Mani to the particular villages of Laconian Mani at the inner part of Laconia like Itilo, the coastal village Limeni, the great Areopoli, the mysterious Tower of Diros with its ancient Caves, Gerolimenas with its impressive rock and the tower city of Vatheia, up to the sunny Porto Kagio, the cape of Tenaro and the Gate of the underworld.

It is an excellent opportunity to tour and exercise close to nature by taking the unique bicycle path right next to the sea which connects the villages of Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos.